Darren pictured in centre, with two members of TV film crew.

We've witnessed the very first introduction of multi-rotor aircraft into the hobby market. They were very high tech, and difficult to operate. No Ready To Fly(RTF) kits were in existence and you had to source all the parts, components, and computer tech on your own. We never could have imagined that multi-rotors would soon adopt the name "Drone" and would quickly explode                                                                                                                           thanks to the help of DJI and their famous "Phantom."

Today we find many variations of drones on the market, from tiny thumb sized toys for a few bucks, all the way to massive aerial cinema platforms costing tens of thousands of dollars. So the question is... What do you buy? I get asked this question all the time, "What drone should I buy?", "How much do drones cost?","Where can I buy drones?", and many more questions that are next to impossible to answer without context. To be honest, it begins to get a little frustrating over time, no matter how much I love the topic. You see, I've been asked these questions hundreds of times, and every time I carefully try to explain how there are many categories of drones, and just as many price points to match. It all depends on what you're looking for, what your experience is, how much your willing to spend, etc., etc.

The problem here lies not with the people asking the question, but simply with the information offered online. Many markets were quick to hop on to the drone trend, and flood the markets with hundreds of thousands of various drones, and consumers naturally became enticed with the new technology. The major issue was that the product availability outpaced the education availability, and the result is a lot of curious, but clueless consumers. With the holidays on the horizon, I thought I'd better put up a quick reference, as I'm sure millions of kids requested some sort of drone on their Christmas list this year, and millions of parents have no idea where to start. Thus, thetop10drones.com was born, and I have great plans for this website going forward. So, please share with your friends and lets start getting everyone pointed in the right direction!