Top 10 FPV Racing Quads 2016

Top 10 List

1. Lumenier QAV250 

The Lumenier QAV 250 is a fantastic way to get started in drone racing. It's the standard size of a 250 class racer, and comes ready to fly right out of the box including an FPV camera and video transmitter. So all you need is to pickup a pair of FPV goggles online or at your local hobby shop and you're ready to go. This is currently the most popular, ready to fly model on the market and is extremely easy to fly, in addition to being very durable so you don't have to worry too much about minor impacts while learning to fly. If something does happen to break, Lumenier has a great aftermarket and offers all kinds of replacement and upgrade part- which is a major plus!


2. Walkera Runner 250 

The Walkera Runner 250 is a fantastic way to get started in FPV while spending the least amount of money possible. This is one of the most competitively priced racing quads on the market, and is available in a variety of packages depending on your needs. Also included are bright white head lights and red tail light, so flying at night is really quite cool. During the day however, these lights make it very easy to keep track of your orientation, which is difficult at times for small quads. I'll include a link to what I think is the most suitable kit for most people looking for a ready to fly FPV system on a budget:


3. EMAX Nighthawk 250 FPV

The EMAX Nighthawk 250 FPV is an extremely popular 250 race quad. Many people in the hobby praise and refer newbies to this model as it's easy to put together and super easy to fly. 

This quad comes in a kit that has to be put together, all components of the frame and most electronics are included, and a ton of build videos for this quad can be found on youtube, making it a fun project as your first drone. You will have to purchase the FPV camera and goggles separately and I'll include a link to those as well.


4. Graupner ALPHA 250

The assembled Alpha 250Q features a tough but lightweight carbon frame that makes it ideal for competitive, high-speed maneuvers. Multiple selectable flight modes make it suitable for a wide variety of skill levels and styles. Powerful brushless motors, and high-frequency brushless ESCs deliver incredible, lightning-fast response. A firmware-upgradable, telemetry-enabled flight receiver not only lets pilots get live flight data announcements and voice warnings in real time, but it also functions as a 3-axis gyro for added stability. This is a great kit for someone who wants a higher end quad from a reliable and well documented manufacturer, and is geared more towards an experienced pilot.


5. TBS Gemini

TBS Gemini
$429.99 $599.95

Now this isn't exactly a "quad" as it has six independent motors as apposed to four. But it is definitely a fantastic racing drone with an incredible design. The TBS GEMINI is the latest generation of mini racer multirotors. Its revolutionary design with forward tilting motors and aerodynamic canopy, as well as fully integrated yet modular electronics, turn it into a beast that will dominate any race event. The Gemini comes ready to fly, and is an extremely straightforward way to get into the air fast.


6. Arris X-Speed FPV

The Arris is a cheaper alternative to the EMAX mentioned earlier on in this list. Its build quality is still very good, and the kit comes already assembled and ready to fly. All you need to provide is your own FPV system (Goggles + Camera) Which I will talk about at the end of this list. The Arris X-Speed FPV is a great starter drone and highly recommended, especially because you can often find it on Amazon in the $200.00 range. 

maxresdefault (3).jpg

7. E-Flite Blade Mach 25

The Blade Mach 25 multirotor makes getting into 250-class quad racing easy. Powerful and incredibly durable, this quad delivers an immersive RC experience with intuitive SAFE technology for action-packed racing fun that’s easier to enjoy.

If you want to try your hand at FPV racing but have no idea where to start, this is pretty much the easiest way to do so!


8. ImmersionRC Vortex Race Quad 

The vortex is an extremely well thought out quad design. Using high quality carbon fibre and injection mould components for the frame, this thing feels solid. It takes about two minutes out of the box to get this get powered up and flying, and it flies incredibly well being one of the heavier kits in its class.

The price point is very competitive considering the high quality nature of this kit, especially as its one of the very few kits that comes ready to fly! It's fantastic for anyone interested in getting into the FPV world and looking like a pro from day one!

Now that we've covered some of the best FPV Racing quads for both beginner and experienced pilots. An important consideration is that none of the above kits include FPV Goggles (goggles you wear to display the live feed from the camera while flying). 

With that said, the last two items on our list are FPV Goggles. I've chosen the two most popular models on the market, and although they are a little bit pricey, you only have to buy them once, and the same pair can be used for any or all of your drones going forward. That means the following FPV Goggles can be used with any of the drones on our list. With that said, lets continue with the last two items on our Top 10 list!

9. FatShark Predator V2

FatShark is the original pioneer in the world of FPV, and released the first set of FPV goggles back in 2006. They are the best FPV goggles in the industry and offer a wide range of makes and models.

The Predator V2 is the most popular FPV headset on the market, its priced extremely fair and provides good image quality and size. Great for your first pair of goggles!


10. FatShark Dominator V3


The Dominator V3 is the highest quality FPV goggle set on the market. It provides perfect HD clarity and large image size, and truly make you feel like you're in the pilot seat. When you're not using these to fly, you can also plug in an HDMI port and play your favourite video game or even watch a 3D movie!  

These are extremely versatile and will be with you for many years to come, but they come at a slightly steeper price than the Predator goggles mentioned above... That said, they are totally worth the extra cost!


We hope you enjoyed out top picks for HOBBY/PROFESSIONAL DRONES

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