Guides for current regulations regarding drones

It is important that you know the regulations regarding drone flight - whether you are a commercial drone operator or just flying for pleasure. We have created a guide for drones for the United States and for Canada based on the current regulations regarding licensing and flight. They are on SALE for a limited time -- get yours today!

The American Drone Guide
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The laws in the USA are quickly becoming some of the most progressive in the world. Every few months they seem to refine their requirements and leniency. Although some of the new legislation raise concern with recreational and commercial operators alike, they really are more then fair. Despite the fact that many of you wish to just freely fly without interruption, or intervention from the government, it’s simply an unrealistic pipe dream. Use this easy-to-read e-book as your go to guide for understanding the regulations involved with flying your drone.

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The Canadian Drone Guide
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If you have tried countless sources, and spent hours on Transport Canada’s website, only to feel more confused than when you began, you are not alone! Thousands of drone/UAV operators, both commercial and recreational, are struggling to decipher the complexity of Transport Canada’s rules and regulations. This guide will explain all you need to know in an easy-to-read interpretation and it will be your go to guide!

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