Drones and Shipping

As you might imagine, drones can provide a host of useful functions for the shipping industry.  You can bet the entire industry is studying and actually testing use cases all over the planet.  A.P. Moller Maeersk A/S, the worlds largest containership operator (by capacity) is deploying drones both at sea, and in and around ports, discovering multiple ways to save costs.

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Video Series For Drone Entrepreneurs!

Finally, something we really can't wait to watch! Skycam Certified will soon be releasing a brand new 7 episode video series for their members. This video series will be entitled "The Drone Entrepreneur" and will be highlight various topics regarding the creation & operation of a drone business. Currently, the market lacks true experts sharing real experience in the creation of such a business, this video series hopes to educate SkyCam Certified members and assist them in building a profitable company. 

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SkyCam Certified - Drone Pilot Certification

Are you, or would you like to be, a successful commercial drone pilot? If you love flying your drone, and would love to enter the commercial drone market, get paid for flying, and make a very healthy profit... well your not alone! We pretty much all want to do that, but what makes you different? I mean you may be good, but how do your customers know that? How do you gain their trust? You need to gain every possible edge that you can, and SkyCam Certified is here to help you on that journey. 

Its very simple really... you just have to fill out an application, meet all of their pilot criteria, and upon approval you unlock some very cool things!

Use their logo to bring in customers!

For starters, you get to use their fantastic logo all over your website, blogs, forums, marketing material, and wherever else you'd like. Its a logo that inspires the confidence of customers worldwide, and if you embed it on your website it links back to a verification page, further solidifying your professionalism. 

                                                                      SkyCam Certified Logo

                                                                      SkyCam Certified Logo

Get listed on their pilot finder directory! 

On top of that, you also gain access to their really cool pilot finder directory! Which basically lists you and all the other certified pilots on a map style directory. You can search for other pilots by region, or postal code, which opens up a whole world of networking opportunity. This brings the community much closer, and you can seek out partners to share work with, or sub-contract work in regions you'd rather not travel to yourself.

                                                                SkyCam Academy Pilot Finder

                                                                SkyCam Academy Pilot Finder

Blogs, Forums, Consultation, & More!

In addition to all of this, you also get access to their private members only forum, their blog, priority response when using their consultation services, and much more. 

So being that they just launched, we have been granted a very special offer! If you apply to SkyCam Certified before January 1st, and are approved, you can signup for membership with special offer code "save50", to receive 50% Off your membership! Great deal to make use of, we recommend going for the lifetime membership instead of the monthly, as this coupon seems to work on that option as well, and it makes the cost negligible for the benefits you will receive. 

You also gain access to their E-Book

(The Canadian Drone Guide)


When you get approved, and sign up for your pilot membership! Great little guide for those who find the Canadian laws a little bit confusing, and who want a breakdown of what they have to do to fly legally!

So if you wan't access to all these great features, apply now! Upgrade your membership level, use coupon Code "save50" and start taking advantage of all these fantastic resources! 


Source: http://www.businessinsider.com/

Have you heard? SkyCam Certified will change the game!

So you bought a camera drone? Maybe a DJI Phantom 3, or perhaps you splurged on an Inspire Pro. Maybe you've been flying for some years, and have something more like the FreeFly Alta or Tayzu Titan X8 . No matter what the situation, if your in the drone business, or want to be, your going to need help. SkyCam Certified wants to help, and they are approaching it in a unique way.

SkyCam certified offers two solutions which can be utilized together or separately to bring your game to the next level. It's important to note that SkyCam Certified is a dedicated resource made especially for UAV/Drone entrepreneurs and pilots alike. But instead of addressing the issue of actually piloting your aircraft, they're far more concerned with dressing your business issues. You probably already know how to fly, you've learned or are learning the rules, and you already have resources to help with that. SkyCam Certified aims to make you a successful business owner, allowing you to make a living doing what you love. This is the first resource to specifically target the drone business and specifically build entrepreneurs out of pilots! 

On to how it works...

The first thing that SkyCam Certified offers is of course, their Certification! Its very simple, you just have to fill out an application, an administrator will review your answers and contact you with any questions. If they approve you, you can then sign up for the pilot membership available on their website. You will gain rights to use their logo on any of your marketing material, can download an embed link for your website that will route back to their verification page if someone clicks the logo, and you also get listed on their "Pilot Finder" directory, which is searchable my all members. Great to network with pilots whom you know are competent and actively working in the business.  Its a small monthly fee of $8.95 per month, but they seem to have special early adopters discounts on the launch day. From what we hear, you should be able to receive 50% off when you sign up with a coupon code, bringing you to only about $4.50 a month! Less then one Starbucks coffee! 

The second option they offer is the SkyCam Academy. Would you love to hear from successful well known UAV operators and business owners? Maybe get some advice from them and hear all bout their startup experience? This is the most interesting and valuable resource of all, and we're going to quickly break it down. Basically its a multi-media resource combining Video, Audio, and Ebooks, all custom created by SkyCam Certified, for their members. As we mentioned above, the media contains footage of the SkyCam team interviewing successful drone pilots and entrepreneurs across North America, and sharing that invaluable information with the Skycam community. You will learn from the insiders who have done it, and will get some of the most exclusive advice that you otherwise could never have access to. The books will also be written by either SkyCam partners, or  well known writers in the UAV community, ready to read or download from the site. The entire SkyCam Academy including a constantly growing library of new content, will be available for only $219 yearly. Thats only a few cents a day, for endless invaluable content, that will help you build, and continue to succeed as a UAV business owner.

Not interested in starting a drone company, but simply want to add the service to your existing business or organization? They even offer SkyCam consulting, a special service where you can receive personal consultation from a SkyCam specialist who can help answer all of your questions, and take care of as much or as little as you like. Some of the common questions include: what drone to buy, where to buy from, maintenance, hiring a pilot, drone laws, specialized systems, training solutions, pricing your service, or pilot compensation.

If drones/UAV's are in any way part of your business, you owe it to yourself to check out www.skycamcertified.com and view all their available service. At the time of writing this post, they are in the pre-launch stages, and you can sign up to their mailing list by visiting their site.