New DJI MG-1

Making the shift to the agriculture industry

DJI, the billion dollar titan of the drone world has been best known for their line of consumer "ready to fly" drones. Drones such as the Phantom and Inspire 1 have been huge success, and helped the company reach 500 million in sales in its last fiscal year, and continue to keep on track to do 1 billion by the end of 2016. 

On the heels of their consumer success, DJI has reached a pivot point, announcing the release of a new agricultural UAV solution, engineered to increase the efficiency of crop spraying. Currently they are releasing the new drone in the Asian marketplace, where crop spraying is currently accomplished manually and incredibly inefficient, citing that this UAV will improve efficiency by 40x despite its short 12 minute flight time. 

Whatever the case, this is an interesting turn of events and another bold move by Chinese drone titan DJI. Time will tell if this was a smart decision, or a foolish one, if all works out we should see the new DJI MG-1 hit Western markets by summer of 2016. 

Thanks for reading... now get out there and do some flying!