Yuneec FlyingEyes HX3

The Future Of DSLR Capable Drones

YUNEEC FlyingEyes HX3

YUNEEC FlyingEyes HX3

Guess what? Yuneec has announced a brand new and very innovative Hexacopter UAV platform! Many of you have already heard of their Tornado H920, and thats an impressive aircraft in its own right, but thats not what i'm talking about!

The new hexacopter i'm referring to has been dubbed the FlyingEyes HX3. In fact they are planning to release a whole line of UAV's under the FlyingEyes brand, and to be honest...after seeing a couple of the designs, i'm super impressed. But back to the topic at hand, their beautiful HX3, is an extremely exciting concept and I just had to share some details with you guys.

So currently one of the most impressive things is the flight time. This drone might look heavy and large, but its actually unbelievably lightweight.  The flight time with no payload is an estimated 90 Minutes and when you do choose to add a payload, the HX3 boasts a 4.5 pound payload capacity! It's also known that Yuneec will be releasing a custom gimbal system with their HX3, capable of carrying a variety of DSLR cameras. The unknown question at hand is will they release a RTF model with integrated camera and gimbal, similar to the options available on their H920 design? This allows them to compete in a very unique space and make aircraft that are accessible to far more people, which ultimately will meed rapid growth of both the drone community but also drone technology, as increased sales will fuel further innovation across the drone industry.

Now that I've touched upon a few specs, i bet you're wondering what all this is going to cost? Well we have unofficial reports that the Yuneec HX3 will actually be priced extremely competitively... The new line of FlyingEyes drone products will debut in the U.S.A market in the coming weeks, with the HX3 having a retail value of approximately  $1900 USD not including the gimbal... That's outstanding if its true, and it will definitely be the hottest buy of 2016. Look out DJI... you may find yourself with some stiff competition very soon.