Insane Amazon Drone Delivery (Video)

The Future is now!

For over 2 years we have been speculating over rumours of Amazon's drone delivery service! I hate to say I told you so, but after everyone telling me it can't be done, and the FAA would never approve it but.... I Told You So! Okay so maybe they didn't approve it yet, but they will, and if you think they would be spending this much money on RnD without certainty that regulations ill catch up? We are talking about a company who dominates the E-Commerce space and generates so much tax revenue for the government its ridiculous. They won't want to upset a company like amazon and see them begin operations out of other countries and avoid paying the hundreds of millions in tax dollars every year. Kind of like what Burger King (3g) just did, buying out Tim Hortons and moving to Canada. Anyway we are way off topic hear...

They recently released this stunning video:

As you can see, we got some serious stuff happening here, and it won't be long before these are flying in a city near you! To be honest i'm really excited about it all, and it will be an interesting world when delivery if just an hour away. Bad news for brick and mortar retailers though...get with the times or get left behind. Once Amazon pioneers the way, you will see companies like Walmart following just behind.