Fleye (Soccer ball Drone)

This innovative drone design is something thats gotten a fair bit of attention lately. Its been coined "the soccer ball" by its obvious resemblance.

Its currently in the crowdfunding stage as has raised (at the time of this post) 65,000 EUR. Which is half of their total goal, and still 41 days remain to raise the remainder.

By our calculations Fleye will likely raise nearly 200% of its goal by the end of the campaign, and have a strong launch.

The fleye was designed to be a safe, autonomous drone, with all the operational moving parts shielded within the spherical design. This means not only is it capable of avoiding collisions, if it made any it wouldn't be a problem, as the drone was designed to be pushed, bumped in to, and more, and continue to fly.

It also has other great features such as throw to to launch, allowing you to simply toss it up in the air and go. It seems to also have a sense of facial recognition and a very intelligent flight control, allowing you to pre program missions and watch the Fleye pilot itself completely autonomously through your set coordinates and back.  

Overall it seems like a fantastic new products, and if all goes well, the units will begin shipment September 2016, as documented in their most recent timeline. Its a very interesting project and really brings some fun into the drone industry, this is the kind of product perfect for schools and other educational programs to educate kids in a very fun and memorable way about this advanced technology. As the Fleye is one of the safest drones ever built with such capability.

Check out their campaign and see it for yourself! Why not give them some support and become a backer? If you back their project send us an email, we wan't to follow up when you receive your Fleye eye come September!

Fleye Kickstarter Campaign