Video Series For Drone Entrepreneurs!

Finally, something we really can't wait to watch! Skycam Certified will soon be releasing a brand new 7 episode video series for their members. This video series will be entitled "The Drone Entrepreneur" and will be highlight various topics regarding the creation & operation of a drone business. Currently, the market lacks true experts sharing real experience in the creation of such a business, this video series hopes to educate SkyCam Certified members and assist them in building a profitable company. 

We will update you when the series launched, but until then. You can upgrade to their membership level via: It's currently on sale for $59.99, which gets you lifetime membership to their website, and all future content which will include additional video series, interviews, Ebooks, Guides, Exemption templates and more.

We suspect that once the video series is released, the price of membership will slightly increase, so get in now, and save yourself some money. $59 dollars for a lifetime of specialize knowledge you won't find anywhere else, is a small price to pay!

Check them out at the link above, apply to get certified, or upgrade to their membership level.