DJI Inspire 1 Pro vs Phantom 3 : Which is the best drone for you?

So which is best for you?

Without a doubt, you've seen these two drones by now. Since the introduction of the original Phantom 1, the consumer drone world has never been the same. It was a major market maker, and continues to be the most widely distributed camera in drone in the world! That said the Inspire 1 was released some time after and really rocked the professional drone industry. It delivered many of the featured of a professional heavy lift platform, but without the bulk or absurd price point. Although it shot in 4k, its small camera lacked depth of field and dynamic range, and thus the Inspire 1 Professional was born.

So the question is... which is right for you? Then Phantom 3 or Inspire 1, and which version will suit your needs best?

Phantom 3

The Phantom 3 is offered currently in three distinct version. The Standard, The Advanced, and The Professional. (For the purpose of this review, we will be reviewing the professional version, and will review the Standard at a later date) Let's overview some of the Pros and Cons:


  1. Fixed Landing Gear (cam interference)
  2. Camera has limited field of view


  1. 4k Video
  2. 23 Min Flight Time (As tested)
  3. No Setup Before Flight 
  4. Small,light, and compact (1280 g)
  5. Half the cost of Inspire
  6. Cheaper Batteries than Inspire
  7. Vision Positioning System 

Inspire 1

The Inspire 1 is currently offered in two versions. The newest of which was just recently released and is known as the Inspire pro. Keep in mind that in this comparison we will be offering pros and cons for the inspire 1 pro, to see how it stacks up.


  1. Expensive compared to phantom
  2. Expensive Batteries 
  3. Requires assembly before flight.


  1. Carries Worlds Smallest DSLR
  2. Shoots 4k Video
  3. Can record RAW 
  4. Built in 500GB SSD (Optional)
  5. 360 degree camera rotation
  6. 16 megapixel stills
  7. Landing gear raises in flight providing unobstructed view and stability.
  8. Speed of up to 18 M/S (Meters Per Second)

So what is the result?

Having heavily flown and work with the Phantom 3 and Inspire 1, I can tell you for sure that if your going to do any sort of commercial work, your going to want the Inspire 1 or Inspire 1 Pro. The simple function of 360 camera rotation is enough to make it worth while, but with the addition of the world smallest 4k DLSR, its a no brainer. That said, if you have no need to complete commercial work with your drone, and simply want  high quality camera drone for your recreation use... That Phantom 3 will provide you with everything you need and then some. It has more than enough features to satisfy even the most advanced hobbiest, traveler, photographer, and anyone else who just wants a unique vantage point. 

Simply put.. If your involved in any sort of arrangement where people pay you for your aerial services, of you want to be in that position. The inspire 1 is for sure going to be your choice, don't even bother with the phantom 3 as you will quickly outgrow it.

If you want beautiful aerial footage, but simply fly for fun and not for hire, the phantom 3 will be more than enough, and save you nearly $1500.00 USD. Its also easier to set up, travel with, and pack in a car or plane.  

So there you have it, thanks for reading our comparison review, don't forget to like and share with your friends! Cheers!