Toy and Recreational Drones 2016

Top 10 List

1. Hubsan X4 

Hubsan creates some of the most sleek looking toy drones on the market. Super modern and functional design, that is sure to excite anyone on your shopping list this year. The X4 packs a big punch from its super strong motors.The motors are driven from a precise 6 axis stabilized flight controller which allows precision maneuvers. The X4 has two flight modes to grow with your skills. Beginner mode keeps the X4 super stable and allows you to learn the basics. Then when you are ready, switch it to advanced mode to experience a super response, aggressive flight experience. With the push of the left stick, you can then execute dazzling flips and tumbles.


2. E-Flite Blade QX 180

This small drone comes courtesy of our friends at E-Flite, one of the most respected names in the remote control aircraft world. The new Blade QX 180, is a great addition to the blade line, it comes fully equipped with its own little action cam to record video while you fly, and is also larger than most other toy drones, providing more stability than most of the other toys on this list. E-Flite also provides fantastic parts support with a wealth of spare parts offered across thousands of retailers both online and in store. Great for the new pilot who's bound to break a couple parts here and there.


3. SYMA X12 Mini Nano 

This Micro Drone is a fantastic little product, available for very little cost. Most surprising of all, this thing is super durable. I've banged it off walls, down stairs, into trees, the list goes on, and it just keeps on flying!  It comes with everything you need to fly right out of the box, and even has built in LED's so flying in the dark is a sight to be seen! I fully back up this great product and personally own three of them.


4. Parrot MiniDrone (Rolling Spider)

The Parrot MiniDrone is one of the hottest toy drones on the market right now! It is low cost, easy to use, super fun, and surprisingly durable.

It also has wheel attachments that allow it to roll around on the ground and then take off into the air when required. Great way to get started in the world of drones, and have a lot of fun in the process.


6. E-Flite NANO QX

This little guy is the micro version of the QX 180 mentioned at the top of this list. If you're looking for something smaller and cheaper but with most of the capabilities of a larger drone, this is the perfect solution. Once again, E-Flite backs all of its drones with fantastic part support, making it easy to find the parts you need after an unexpected encounter with a wall. But with the simple flight controls and beginner friendly settings, that is unlikely to happen. Especially with the built in safety features such as blade guards.



7. Hubsan X4 FPV


The Hubsan X4 FPV is the perfect solution to all of you who want to experience the fun of flying a camera drone but without the cost or risk associated with doing so. This is the perfect way to have a ton of fun flying around your house while a live video stream is sent right to a monitor built into your remote, and all for a super low cost. This is one of the cheapest ways to have hours and hours of fun that never seems to get old. 


8. Parrot AR Drone 2.0

This drone is truly a unique and playful platform. It's controlled via either a remote or your smartphone, and is capable of streaming live video to your device of choice. It also comes equipped with foam rotor guards that make it great for indoor flying in your home or in the office! It's capable of making fun videos that will be a blast to watch back with your friends and family.

To end this top 10 list, the last two drones are pure, professional grade, no nonsense aircraft. Capable of carrying full size DSLR and cinema grade cameras. These last two drones don't come ready to fly, and assembly is required. However, if you're serious about aerial photography or video as a career, you're going to need one of these heavy lifters. If it's time to retire from your day job, chase your passion, and money is no option, these next two drones will give you everything you need to play with the big boys!

9. Parrot Bebop Drone

The Parrot Bebop Drone boarders on hobby/pro grade, but I just had to include it. This drone will provide a great platform for those just learning, but also will grow with the user providing years of entertainment! Its records HD Video live streamed to your Tablet or phone via WiFi with a useable range of over 6500 feet!


10. Walkera QR X350

maxresdefault (2).jpg

The QR X350 is the largest drone on our top ten toy drones list, and definitely leans more towards being a hobby grade drone than a toy. But that said, it doesn't quite make the cut, and its lower build quality and lower cost, keeps it in the toy category. But that said, unlike most of the other toy drones on this, this one is capable of creating beautiful video by simply attaching your GoPro or any action cam you may have lying around and your all set! Great as a trainer before moving to a much more expense Phantom 3 or Inspire 1 professional drone. 


We hope you enjoyed out top picks for HOBBY/PROFESSIONAL dRONES

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